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Coin - Saint George by Carlo Crivelli
2 OZ
This beautiful 2 Oz Silver coin is part of the “World Heritage” series and depicts St. George, the famous dragon slayer who saved the daughter of the king of Lydia with his lance. The coin is embellished with Gold plating, has a Proof quality and
Country: Niue Island, Mintage: 999 pcs
Coin - Madonna of The Magnificat  - Sandro Botticelli
2 OZ
Perfection in Art is a brand new series of magnificent coins that replaces the popular Masterpieces of Art – Christmas Edition. The first coin – Madonna of the Magnificat – is made of 2 oz silver .999 proof-like and boasts plenty of decorations.
Country: Niue Island, Mintage: 1000 pcs
Coin - American Eagle Walking Liberty Golden Enigma 30th Anniversary Premium Edition
1 OZ
This is the 3rd issue of the American Eagle Golden Enigma Edition after extremely successful 2014's edition and became worldwide popular collectible coin with a high investment interest!
Country: USA, Mintage: 2016 pcs
Coin - Crystal Giant Moravian Star Dresden Frauenkirche
32.15 OZ
With the mintage of only 199 pieces worldwide, the “Moravian Star – Dresden Frauenkirche” is one of the rarest high-end 1-kilo silver coins in the world! The exceptional combination of the highest art of coin minting and the fascinating sparkle of
Country: Cook Islands, Mintage: 199 pcs
Fortuna Redux Mercury Cylinder Coin
6 OZ
The new coin of the Mint of Poland presents the Mercury, god of tradesmen and travelers, who was often depicted on Roman coins. He has been believed to bring good luck in business and commerce, and his winged staff caduceus protected merchants.
Country: Niue Island, Mintage: 2500 pcs