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Coin - Thor's Hammer Mjollnir
2 OZ
The first of a new series first issue: Thor's Hammer Mjöllnir. Minted in ultra high relief on a pied fort blank and finished in antique. Detailed like never seen before on such a relief. Just 999 pieces are issued in pure silver.
Country: Cook Islands, Mintage: 999 pcs
Coin - Pisa Cathedral Miracle Square
1.6 OZ
This beautiful Silver coin is the tenth issue in the series “Holy Windows” and is dedicated to the Pisa Cathedral, a masterpiece of romanesque architecture. The coin has a special insert, a window with a beautiful image of Maria and Antique finish
Country: Republic of Palau, Mintage: 999 pcs
Coin - Norse Gods: FRIGG
2 OZ
This is the seventh Silver coin in the beautiful series “Norse Gods” and features the wife of the major god Odin – Frigg. She is the Wife of Odin and the Queen of Asgard, associated with wisdom and foreknowledge in the Norse mythology.
Country: Cook Islands, Mintage: 999 pcs
Coin - Madonna of The Magnificat  - Sandro Botticelli
2 OZ
Perfection in Art is a brand new series of magnificent coins that replaces the popular Masterpieces of Art – Christmas Edition. The first coin – Madonna of the Magnificat – is made of 2 oz silver .999 proof-like and boasts plenty of decorations.
Country: Niue Island, Mintage: 1000 pcs
Coin - Crystal Giant Moravian Star Dresden Frauenkirche
32.15 OZ
With the mintage of only 199 pieces worldwide, the “Moravian Star – Dresden Frauenkirche” is one of the rarest high-end 1-kilo silver coins in the world! The exceptional combination of the highest art of coin minting and the fascinating sparkle of
Country: Cook Islands, Mintage: 199 pcs