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Coin - Antique Compass
2 OZ
Now here's a proof that is literally more than just a coin! This 2017 Two Ounce Silver Compass Antiqued Proof has a genuine working compass in the center!
Country: Tuvalu, Mintage: 2500 pcs
Antiqued Coin - Yin Yang Rotating Charm
1 OZ
The coin's reverse depicts the five Chinese elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water, surrounding a stainless steel enamel plated yin yang rotating charm, which represents the continual flow of the five elements as they exist in nature. The
Country: Tuvalu, Mintage: 3000 pcs
Coin - Crystal Giant Moravian Star Dresden Frauenkirche
32.15 OZ
With the mintage of only 199 pieces worldwide, the “Moravian Star – Dresden Frauenkirche” is one of the rarest high-end 1-kilo silver coins in the world! The exceptional combination of the highest art of coin minting and the fascinating sparkle of
Country: Cook Islands, Mintage: 199 pcs
Coin - Alabaster Window of Saint Peter Basilica in Vatican - Special Edition
10 OZ
The next coin in the Windows of Heaven Giants series shows the replica of the window found in the Saint Peter Basilica in Vatican. A truly amazing design!
Country: Cook Islands, Mintage: 999 pcs
Fortuna Redux Mercury Cylinder Coin
6 OZ
The new coin of the Mint of Poland presents the Mercury, god of tradesmen and travelers, who was often depicted on Roman coins. He has been believed to bring good luck in business and commerce, and his winged staff caduceus protected merchants.
Country: Niue Island, Mintage: 2500 pcs